August: the heat was too much and I've left Florida. Currently in Michigan where yesterday I rode my bicycle in the 60s. You'll see me back in Florida when it starts getting cold.



updated 1oct2018

This is about where I am and more or less what I've been doing there. This is the normal camper page which has been updated at least through sometime in November (of last year).


updated 30sep2018

I started to have too many pictures from bicycle rides and boating that I had to split them off or the other stuff would just be obscured. Since I've been in Florida, I haven't been riding as much as I'd like because of the work on the house. The bicycling page is here. I've started to separate the bicycling and boating stuff - boating below.


updated 1oct2018

The new boating page is here. It will probably take a while to get it well sorted.

Hot Air Ballooning

updated 20Nov2018

The page is here. I wasn't going to make it a separate section like this but there were just so many pictures that it made sense to reduce the size of other pages. I've also added a new way to scroll through the pictures and would appreciate comments if there are any. There is a live stream which seems to be available each year. I just now looked at the videos are up on their youtube channel. well worth looking through them. Lots of stuff I didn't get to see from my location on the field.

Automobile museum at Auburn Indiana

updated 20Nov2018

The page is here. For most people this is out of the way and will never be visited. But it's like the Air Force Museum in Dayton, once you've seen it, you'll keep going back.


Updated 6Dec2017

Here is what I've been reading. This list focuses on books and ignores articles. Having the Kindle makes it too easy to go on Amazon and get another book. I did look up the library here the other day, but to no surprise it was closed. I also downloaded Oliver Twist from Project Gutenberg and deserves to be expanded.


Updated 18mar2019

I have 40 years experience in some sort of IT. Hardware maintenance, software development and maintenance, data center operations, network and system administration, even some minor management roles. My takeaway from all this is that your shouldn't trust anything IT any more than you absolutely have to. Verify it. Keep receipts and check to make sure things match. Check your balances. Keep summaries on paper in a notebook or at least in a spreadsheet. Don't do anything on your phone if you can do it on your computer and don't do anything on your computer if you can do it in person. Make a back up copy of everything.

I don't get to play around with a sniffer as much as I'd like. There's far too much tracking going on on the Internet and maybe in life in general. If you want to get in touch with me, send text only email to comments at duba dot org. I filter incoming email mostly by sources I've found evil. I'll accept most picture, document (at least .doc and .ods), and audio file formats, also .tar and .zip. Pretty much anything else just gets thrown away. Here is the start of a page that explains what and how I try to deal with security issues.

There's this search engine problem I've run into where I created a web site for a business. If I searched the web from a computer physically close to the business, I couldn't find the web site with most strings related to the business. The name of the business would work. I also find that to be more or less true for this web site. Prohibitive coffee assessed glassware aside. It's something I'm looking at collect more information about.


Updated 25Apr2019

I've always found whatever passes for current music pretty "sucky" there is an occasional gem, but it's not worth listening to all the other drek to find it. Here is my one a day list of what I consider really fun stuff.


Updated 8Mar2020

My take on this whole Godfrey Daniel reopening mess is that it's a mess. There is no publicly available data that indicates that it's safe to resume normal operations. In fact what data is available (allowing for it's almost certain inaccuracy) indicates that we should not be returning to business as usual. What's really distressing is that the further up the income food chain you go, the less you have to engage in dangerous behaviors. So it's really the poorest (and most desperate) that need to be out there in contact with each other increasing their risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

The Federal government and the "media" have exacerbated this by releasing conflicting statements and spreading just plain crap that's obviously false. Epidemiologists are going to have a better idea of the testing program needed to insure a safe return to normalcy. A 10th grade high school student knows you don't drink bleach. Heck, by the time you go to kindergarten kids know not to mess with stuff under the sink or in the laundry room. I don't want to run all this stuff down. Look at Snopes ( or Lead Stories (

The numbers on the spread of COVID-19 I trust come from the Johns Hopkins web site: Testing (accurate, confidence inspiring, pervasive) is needed to SAFELY get back to business as usual. Testing must be followed up by strict quarantine. We need to be able to support those who are sick and in quarantine with food, allow them to get it some exercise if able, help with income if they can't work, etc... None of that is in place.

I don't think we know if it's safe for most people to get back to work (I think it almost certainly isn't). The data that I see on the Johns Hopkins web site indicates that it's not. The number if new infections per day has slowed, but we're way above 0. A couple THOUSAND people are dying every day from this and some of the numbers are being deliberately withheld (which I'd think is illegal). There isn't enough testing of random, healthy individuals to catch cases before they spread. They can test people close to the president, but they're not testing all the grocery store employees and that's way more dangerous. Heck, they couldn't even test everybody in the Senate.

I want to repeat: There is no publicly available data that indicates to me that it's safe to resume normal operations. It's unsafe. People who work in essential services (like grocery stores and gas stations) should have recommended PPE and their employers should be liable if they don't provide it. Physical distance between people should be the norm. If you can't keep at least 6 feet from everyone else, maybe just go home and come back at a less crowded time. For me, I'm restricting my activities until something changes.

Camera and Photography

I'm trying to figure out a new camera here. No pictures of any interst, but I am trying to take a serious look at what I want different out of a camera and the details of how things have changed especially for pictures I put on my website.

Contact Information

For a long time I've operated mail on a white list basis only. Recently I've started getting spam from sources I've trusted (like Amazon) and from unexpected email addresses where folks have changed their email provider without telling me, or new correspondents (which I messed up badly). So the strategy has changed. I've put together a filter to collect mail to comments at into a special file (not trash this time :-)) and I'll start looking at this daily.

And one final note: