Updated 27jun2016

The page I've been adding Bicycling and Kayaking pictures to has been getting too large so I'm starting this one for Biking and Kayaking. The first images are going to be kind of historical and just transferred from the camper page, but I'll probably start adding more detail for the outings as time goes on.

Except as noted on some pictures, I've scaled all images to no more than 1024X768 in order to fit some monitors better and to help performance in page loading. I have all the high resolution original files and those can be made available by contacting me.

The Haro Bike

I got this because I was in South Carolina and didn't have a bike with me. The campgrounds seems to be mostly crushed rock and I wanted something that could handle it better than the recumbent. I got it at Charleston Bicycle Company.

The Speed Machine

I got this around 2002 or so Because the Lightning was starting to have maintenance problems and I wanted something a little more comfortable (the lightning sat me too straight up and the speed machine is more laid back).

Other Bikes

Don't much like riding upright bikes anymore, but the recumbent doesn't work that well for me when the surface is iffy - like crushed rock or gravel roads. So I have a couple of other bikes.
so I'm selling the Haro. It's on Craigs list, but contact me directly if you want it. It's old and well worn, but it works.

Bike RIdes

I've been bicycling, but finally got out for some longer rides (over 20 miles). The roads are very mixed: considerable dirt/gravel, chip and seal county roads and state highways. It's been hot and I've tried to stay under 2 hours, but will start longer rides as I get caught up more on other stuff. I know I'm supposed to use a dedicated gravel bike on these roads and the Bike Snit has written extensively about it but surely a beardless recumbent rider can have a go at it as long as I promise to get one someday.

Well it's not the end, but riding is clearly getting cooler. In a way it's good because I feel better about it, but it's going to start limiting what I do on the bike.

and you can tell it's election season on reading road (actually all over)

I've ridden so much around Columbus that I just couldn't get into taking pictures of it. Here's the bikes getting ready for about the last ride:

Aiken, SC

I think I got here Nov, 17. It's rained a lot and been fairly cold but I've been able to get some riding in. It's sandy, rolling country. Lots of equestrian stuff. There's a local bicycling club, but I haven't tried contacting anyone. I rarely see anyone on a bicycle. The weather has been so bad I probably don't ride more than twice a week.

The yellow bike doesn't fit me all that well and I've never liked the flat bars. I talked myself into another road bike - I do just enough dirt and sand that the recumbent feels hazardous. I'm also starting to feel uncomfortable when I ride it in traffic (hapens a lot here).

Columbus, In Apr-May 2017

I always take a camera with me when I ride, but rarely stop and take pictures. I think maybe it looks funny to be stopped along side the road trynig to take a picture. Many places also have no place to stop. Most likely I need to pay more attention to scenery and be willing to get off the bike.

Michigan may 2017

Michigan Jun 2017

I'm actually doing a lot of riding at this point, but all the pictures I take seem like all the others I've already posted. Much more different stuff is happening on the water.

Michigan July, August, September 2017

I read other people's compaints about riding in cities and encounters with cars and I have to admit I ride in pretty ideal conditions it's very much in the sticks, many gravel roads or varying quality, but lots of chip and seal. I could complain about the trash, but compared with South Carolina it's pristine (although not quite as clean as rural Illinois).


Weather wise Florida is wonderful, but it's not even close to riding out in the country in Michigan. Basically all I do is ride up and down a paved trail and occasionally on some really nasty busy roads.

Michigan April 2018

Starts out really nasty with a lot of rain and cold (at least no snow). Then blazing hot. I haven't had a chance to ride since it got toasty.

Florida Break Aug/Sep 2018

It's been on my list to get the motorcycle to Florida all summer. Aaron said he'd use the camper if I got it down. So sometime around the end of August I got everything together and headed south.

Back From Florida

And getting ready for Albuquerque.

Back in Florida Finally

This should be it for the winter. Got lots of maintenance planned especially for the recumbent. at this point I'm thinking about putting some serious effort into the yellow bike and taking it back to Michigan - it will be much better on those gravel roads and I want to focus more on the boat.