I'm not going to do book reports or record articles here (or maybe at all). I want this to be more like a bibliography or maybe a sumary of what I'm doing that's not in the pictures. I expect this will change even as my picture albums have changed. I've also gotten a ham radio license, finished an HTML5 course on Udemy and started a Python language couse - also on Udemy. I've even started a page of stuff I want to read.




I think It's interesting that I made a division based on what year it is rather than some milestone I've reached. I've kept track of books by year, for years. I think my list goes back to 2005 (probably some milestone that I don't remember prompted me to start doing it). Just going through my notes and making a bibliography has been pretty interesting.


I more or less spaced on 2018, but I did read quite a bit.


I'm going to start including a pointer the work in Worldcat if I can find one. I have most of these works so you can contact me if you can't find them.


Seems to me like I'm not reading as much as I used to, but I really am. I just spend too much time reading things that aren't books. I'm going to try to restore some balance.


I wrote this whole thing about reading books on the Kindle, PC, or paper quite some time ago and it's still here and in desparate need of updating.