Coming For Our Water

It was 2010 or 2011 and I was coming back from a motorcycle trip out west. Took the northern route because I was going to visit Benji in St Jo Michigan. There was Da Yoopers tourist trap. Of course I had to stop. It's a great place and they had all these CDs. I got all of Da Yoopers and several Bananas at Large (maybe all of them - I don't remember). Anyway it was a treasure. So much I'd never heard.

Wait. Wait. I've never said anything about putting large population centers in resource starved areas. I've never been any thing but supportive of the city of Los Angeles and it's efforts to serve its every increasing population. Owens Lake has never really had water in it and Mono Lake is an over hyped tourist attraction. I'm sure the city of Los Angeles and the State of California are going to work with everyone to to solve their resource problems locally with due concern for the needs of all parties. They are absolutely not eyeballing the midwest rivers or the Great Lakes.