Be Like You

This is on the "Mommy Says No!" album by the Asylum Street Spankers. I deeply regret not having this album while my children were small. I routinely give the CD to parents with small children, but I truely doubt if any of them play it. If so it remains a hidden treasure that I hope they will discover some day. If you're not familiar with the Spankers, you need to be. They are far more than just children's songs (snark), or religious songs (more snark) and you'll be seeing them a lot more on this list.

This song, like a couple of others on the album, won't be appreciated by really young children. The music is tinkly and plesant. Christina Marrs uses her amazing vocal range to make this a tribute to childhood for grownups to apperciate. For me, this is one of the many songs the Spankers did that just clicks. The music perfectly fits the wonderful vocals which nails the subject.